Gel Nails at Tropical Sensations in Dartmouth

When you choose Tropical Sensations Tanning & Esthetics for your gel nail application, you’ll be well informed and benefit from a great product. Consider these facts about gel nails:

  • Gel products do not damage your natural nail.
  • Gel products provide a strong, protective coating over the nail to help prevent breakage and chipping.
  • Gel products CAN have nail polish applied over them. An acetone-free remover should be used so the shine of the gel is not dulled.
  • Gel products ARE NOT the same as ACRYLIC. Real gel is gel, not powder.
  • Tropical Sensations does not use acrylic. We use top of the line LCN and OPI products.
  • Acrylic is porous, therefore it stains easily. It can only be removed by soaking in ACETONE to break it down and the remaining product has to be filed off. It is a very hard product, therefore is difficult to file, so damage to the natural nail and tenderness is quite common.

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Having Problems? We Know Why

  • Are you experiencing any of these problems with your nails:
  • Nails turn yellow?
  • White/colour rubs off?
  • Is the product thick at the cuticle?
  • Nail beds painful?
  • Was powder applied?
  • Are your natural nails damaged?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may not have real gel nails. At Tropical Sensation, we fix acrylic nails and apply real gel nails. By using gel white/colour/glitters, the design won’t rub off as is common with airbrush and polish techniques. We have hundreds of colour and glitter gel.

At Tropical Sensations Tanning & Esthetics, our spa manicures/pedicures are provided by a Licensed Esthetician, who practices sanitation and infection control. We’re approved by the Nova Scotia Cosmetology Association.

Gel Nail Prices

Full Set $50.00 (includes 1 color)

Fill $35.00 (for nails applied by us)

Fill $40.00 (if not our work)

Nail Art $5.00 per color/step

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