Teeth Whitening

Make your smile sparkle with Confident White Smile, a teeth whitening process offered at Tropical Sensations Tanning & Esthetics. After just one 20 minute-session, the combination of a self-administered gel and LED light source will whiten your teeth by two to six shades on the Dentsply Shade Guide.

What Products Are Used in the Process?

  • Carbamide peroxide gel, manufactured in Canada for quality control
  • Specially designed, latex-free, disposable mouth tray
  • LED light that speeds up the whitening process

What Are the Results?

  • Whiter teeth with each treatment
  • Results that last up to a year
  • Individual results vary based on personal habits

Confident White Smile Prices

20-Minute Session $99

Add Re-Mineralization Treatment $29

Add Extended Whitening Treatment $49

Teeth Whitening Pen $49

Take Home Whitening Kit $149

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